• This is the major advancement in the sheet metal simulation industry with the introduction of the new version and advanced Its latest version of the R6.2 software comes with exciting features and tremendous capabilities.
  • It is most unpredictable and futuristic feature of this software is the ability to export tooling surfaces easily with clear-cut techniques with 3D math data.
  • The ability to see the thickness of the actual metal sheet apart from any increment or decrement in its thickness can be possible with this software. Its 3D color mapping can show you the metal formation process and clear thickness distribution in its final work.
  • After the final work, you can also see the cross-sectional view of the sheet thickness. In this way, it can allow you to see the tooling engineer or where you want to increase or decrease the thickness level which may interfere with the tooling surface.
  • The sheet metal blanks are blued to clearly look through the hard surfaces of the metal to ensure that your metal can flow unrestricted between the upper & lower portion of the tooling surface.

This futuristic sheet metal forming simulation software is slowly becoming industry expert software to maintain the correction in simulation process without any hesitation and also with no further issues or adjustment in our work. This is an automatic process which can be governed only by the normal understanding of the software, and that’s what the future need.

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